emotional stress relief

Emotional Stress Relief with Georg Trapp

The connection between the mind and the body is a true phenomenon. If you experience a lot of stress in your life (mind), it can have a negative impact on your health (body). Emotional stress can take the form of anxiety, depression, phobias or addictions and cause a myriad of medical problems such as physical pain, ulcers, headaches, or worse, heart attacks and strokes.

Georg Trapp has long been interested in in the barriers to well-being, happiness, performance and health, both as an entrepreneur, company director & people manager, as well as an accredited Life & Executive Coach and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner, facilitator and trainer.  In his experience, a greater understanding of the underlying causes of emotional stress coupled with some powerful practices that can be learned and self-applied, open news ways towards happiness, contentment and greater success. 

When strong emotions control a person’s life to such an extent, that even a simple task or situation becomes impossible to master, Georg employs a number of proven techniques including energy psychology (EFT) to help re-balance mind & body.

EFT is a technique in the field of Energy-Psychology that may help to gently clear emotions and the associated problems. We begin with a simple conversation and from there identify an emotion that relates to a vexing issue. EFT helps improve your emotional stability, overall health, and performance. It also enhances your relationships, your confidence and self-esteem, as well as your concentration and ability to relax.

For more information, or to schedule one or several sessions with Georg, visit www.georgtrapp.com or contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .



Osteopathy with Peter Leys April and May 2014


Osteopathy is a very rich world of interpretation of anatomy and physiology. It observes the dynamic of the human body through a manual approach and brings delicate adjustments to the cranial-sacral system, the internal organs and the connective tissues in order to guide our growth process, helping the person to overcome physical, emotional and mental obstacles along the way.
“The human being is mind, motion and matter”
(A.T. Still, founding father of Osteopathy)
Human growth, through the transformation of our profound memory towards the most authentic expression of our emotions, our identity and our creativity can often be painful and difficult to appreciate while taking place.
People commonly consult osteopaths for relief of pain, most often located in the back neck, joints and muscles. While osteopathy offers valid tools for dealing with and overcoming pain symptoms, it is applied also more broadly: such as for hormonal imbalances, immunity disorders, neurological and psychological disorders as well as for processes linked to fertility, menopause, aging and also for pathology and trauma.
Peter has an extensive experience as an osteopathic therapist, graduated as B.Sc. (1983) and M.Sc. (1985) in Physiotherapy at the University of Brussels and completed the six years postgraduate education in Osteopathy at the College Sutherland in Antwerp in 1992 (former I.W.G.S.). For over 19 years he practiced in Bologna, where he researched and developed a theory on embryological evolution and its correlation to creative growth. Peter now lives in Northern Thailand and works as a lecturer and visiting practitioner both in Italy as in South East Asia.

Available dates for osteopathy


In April and May our visiting practitioner Peter Leys will be available on the following three dates:


1) Wednesday 30 April

2) Sunday 4 May

3) Thursday 8 May

Consultations in English, French, Italian, Dutch as well as German language are available at a price of 3,000 Baht per session of one hour.

For more information, or to schedule one or several sessions with Peter Leys please contact us at info [at] tamarindsprings.com

Wednesday 30 April

                    - Sunday 4 May

                    - Thursday 8 May

Weekly Yoga

Yoga Class at Tamarind Springs 

Private and group Yoga sessions (depending on teacher availability)

90 minutes
THB 3,000 single
THB 4,000 couple
THB 5,000 for 3-4 persons



Space is limited, reservations required. Call 077 230 571 or 077 424221


9 Seasons Restaurant

At Tamarind Spring’s 9 Seasons Restaurant we serve wholesome & tasty treats, in beautiful and comfortably spacious open-plan surroundings. Grace us with your visit if you are looking to feel equally pampered, nourished, restored & inspired.


The setting

Guests and diners enjoy captivating views of our tropical hillside gardens and giant granite boulders from our two-storey sala-style wooden restaurant and reception building. Architectural refinement and attention to design detail round off the setting in which we serve a carefully selected range of healthy & mouthwatering dishes.

The menu

9-seasons-food-spring-rollThe holistic philosophy on which we have built our forest spa applies equally to how we prepare dishes and offer an authentic, rewarding restaurant experience: healthy, nutritious food, lovingly crafted and always free of chemical residues. Mostly locally sourced ingredients, many of them grown in our own lovingly cared for gardens. Regular seasonal & creative variations in our menu (always check our ‘dish of the day’ blackboard).

Largely vegetarian but some ‘catch of the day’ fresh fish selections (from sea, not farmed) when available. Many selections go back to the roots of original Thai cuisine, which in its unadulterated form is both nutritious and healthy. In addition we serve our own take on some international favourites, including breakfast treats, pastas, salads, soups and sandwiches…always with a little Tamarind twist.

9-seasons-food-saladAs with the Tamarind Springs spa experience, our intent for 9 Seasons is to appeal to all the senses…with one non-negotiable caveat required by our Thai culture: that, no matter what, all dishes served must be tasty.

Good to know

Opening hours:
  • 09:30am to 6:30pm
  • We welcome all guests, including spa visitors as well as those who only visit the restaurant
  • Walk-in guests always welcome
  • For reservations, phone:
    +66 8 5926 4626, +66 9 8963 6449 or email:
    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Menu & food preparation:
  • Thai & international healthy food
  • A La Carte, or Buffett on request
  • Vegetarian, vegan, wheat- and gluten free selections available
  • No refined sugars. Only unrefined cane sugar or wild honey
  • Cold-pressed oils only
  • MSG-free
  • No alcohol served but we can serve prosecco or champagne on special occasions (on request only)
  • For other requirements, talk to us and we will endeavor to accommodate your wishes