Uncluttering your home & life – and why it will do you a lot of good

Many visitors are drawn to our forest spa in search of peace and quiet, of a luxurious pampering, or to clear and rejuvenate their body, mind and soul. Our architecture, landscaping and treatments have been designed not only for temporary, short-lived outcomes, but to leave an inspirational afterglow. Thus, in search of inspiration to continue on a path wellness and life balance, this week we turn our attention to the importance of clarity and equilibrium in the home:



The Sweet Taste of Noble Habits

On a regular basis at Tamarind Springs we meet and welcome guests who are on a path of life change, be it to become more health conscious, or creating a better life for themselves and their loved ones, or simply to explore more of life’s humble pleasures.




A deep restful night’s sleep conjures up feelings of comfort, warmth and rejuvenation. Yet for many of us, it’s a nightly unease we struggle with in silence.



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