The Sweet Taste of Noble Habits


On a regular basis at Tamarind Springs we meet and welcome guests who are on a path of life change, be it to become more health conscious, or creating a better life for themselves and their loved ones, or simply to explore more of life’s humble pleasures.

In the quest to create a more fulfilled life, it comes down to the habits we are ultimately able to cultivate. Habits are what we make of them, we can either be entombed in habitual ways which serve us little good, or nurture habits which enrich our lives for the better. We are all mostly aware of the influence habits have in our lives, but seldom explore how to create, or change, our own habits to enhance our lives for the better.

Habits in its most basic form are merely behaviors of repetition, but since many of our behaviors have formed without our knowing, be it our upbringing or societal ways, we might not always recognize them for what they truly are.

Here’s the beauty of habits and why it is so vital we understand their importance. Without explicitly thinking of them constantly, we have created routines in our lives essentially running on auto-pilot, in turn has the ability to free up space in our awareness to wonder about and contemplate new and interesting thoughts. However, if our habits are of an undesired nature, they have quite the opposite effect, instead of freeing our minds to the beauty of life, our thoughts can become cluttered with doubt, anxiety and animosity.

The good news is our habitual ways can be transformed. Below, several thoughts to consider in the pursuit of changing our habits for the better:


It’s key that we are able to recognize our habits and to understand how each of them ultimately influence our lives. Once you recognize the habits you wish change, write them down on paper. Putting it in writing solidifies the first step to change.


Do research on ideas and suggestions how to change the specific habit you wish to address. You will quickly come to realize you are not alone on this quest and that there are many who have succeeded in changing their habits and more than often willing to share how they did it.



Chose a single habit you wish to change or introduce into your life. You may well have a list of habits you wish to address, but best practice is to take one habit at a time and to focus on it until it become second-nature. Once the change of habit has been established, it will take care of itself, and only then can you focus on the next habit on your list.


Attach a defined feeling to the success of implementing change. What will change of habit create in your life? How will it make you feel? Let this feeling of being in charge of your behaviors be your driving force. Become the captain of your own ship.


Give yourself time. Habits took time to form in the first place, so to bring forth change will also take time. Dependent on the complexity of your habit, give yourself at least 30 days to change the old into the new. And if you feel you need more time, then so be it, it’s your life after all. Changing routine is by no means for the faint-hearted, so during the process expect setbacks, but perseverance will over time bear sweet fruit of triumph.



With ever successful change you are able to implement into your life, acknowledge it and make a point to congratulate yourself. Regardless of the size of achievement, once successful, reward yourself in ways that uplift your sprit. One such way to elevate both body and mind is with a massage. A good massage, performed by a skilled therapist, will undoubtedly have you feel rejuvenated and can serve as a wonderful motivational goal to keep up the good work. The relaxed state a well-executed massage brings, is a wonderful place to initiate habit change.


The irony of life is, while guiding and teaching others, we inevitably also guide and teach ourselves. Once you have been able to implement change of your own habits, take the time to assist those who are in the throes of change themselves. Good will come from this.

We wish you all the best.

Until next week.

Your Tamarind Springs blog team 

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