Our Green Path


A leader among green spas


Tamarind Springs Forest Spa is Koh Samui’s first dedicated day spa and an eco-certified leader among green spas. We subscribe to the belief that humans are inextricably linked to, and dependent on, the web of nature, and that we should think and behave accordingly.


We developed our large hillside property, not only to allow visitors access to this diverse tropical environment, but also to preserve and protect it from more destructive alterations. We accomplished this in a gentle, low-impact manner, without imposing on the intrinsic natural beauty. Read more about our Environmental Philsophy.


In January 2012, Tamarind Springs Forest Spa was accredited with a 5 ‘Green Leaf’ certificate by the Green Leaf Foundation. The foundation, a joint initiative by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT), the United Nations Environment Program, and others, promotes environmental standards for the tourism industry through environmental assessment and audit programs. The 5 ‘Green Leaves’ awarded to Tamarind Springs after a rigorous auditing process is the highest currently possible ranking.


“We are proud that after 20 years of placing the natural environment at the centre of our vision, we now have official recognition for the quality of our approach. It is great to see environmental conservation becoming a major concern for tourism operators, in Samui and elsewhere in Thailand, and we appreciate the foundation for facilitating this important development”, said Kanyapha Kitjapirak, Tamarind Spring’s Managing Director.


Saiphayom Somsuk, chief of TAT's Koh Samui Tourism Coordination Centre, added “Tamarind Springs has been the first and only Thailand spa to be awarded the top ranking of 5 ‘Green Leaves’. This significant achievement is rightly considered a milestone for sustainable development of the local spa and hotel industry. What struck the Green Leaf auditors as remarkable was how many environmental standards and practices were already in place and how effortless green-proofing the business came to Tamarind Spring’s owners and employees”.