Herbal Steam Caves

For many years people have visited herbal steam facilities in country temples in Thailand in order to relax and detoxify.

Drawing on this tradition, Tamarind Springs has built a unique steam room into a natural rock cave – the experience has been described as ‘primal’ or ‘entering a dragon’s cave’.

Most of our programs include at least 1.5 hours use of the steam caves and rock plunge pools.

Visitors from more temperate climates occasionally wonder what it's like to experience hot steam in a tropical climate. In fact, the finely attuned mix of moderate heat, steam and aromatic herbs is an amazingly energizing and refreshing experience, especially in combination with the cooling plunge pools: drifting between steam & pools will stimulate your blood circulation, help rid your body of toxins, and clear your respiratory passages, while soothing aching muscles and rejuvenating the skin. You will find yourself a lot more relaxed - ready to get the greatest benefit from your massage treatment.


When not to steam

Use of the herbal steam is not advisable if you have a fever, an inflammatory disease or an injury, or if you have been drinking alcohol. Persons with blood pressure disorders, hypertension, abnormal heart function, and skin ailments should as well refrain from using the steam room.

For precautionary reasons we do not advise the use of the steam room during pregnancy.
For ideas on how best to combine your herbal steam with a delightful massage experience, see our spa packages.