ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! The entire experience from the physical geography - THE STEAM AREA! Fabulous oily massage. Heaven. You should build bungalows!
Thelma, USA
Thank you for a wonderful afternoon of indulgence. Perfect for our honeymoon. Now off to Betelnut for a scrumptious dinner - the best restaurant on Samui!
Boris & Lynne
Wooooo Uh!! Really the best birthday of us life!! We were enjoyed as close as you can be from heaven, It has been an enormous pleasure. by best wishes
From the mayhem of Bangkok, this is where we ended up. What a place! CHILLED TO THE GILLS!! Perfect, will be back next year for more please! Love, peace, happiness.
Richard & Lynda
We thought 'The Sanctuary' in London was heavenly, but now we have discovered Tamarind Springs. - True Heaven - Thank you for a lovely afternoon and we shall return!
Jo and George Grant
Wonderful! Top quality massage - THANK YOU!! Top shakes, teas and cakes - yummy!
Nirvana is here!!! I LOVE this place! Thanks a million! Heaven on earth is Tamarind Springs on Koh Samui, Thailand! Great massages and steam room and houses to rent!
Carole Bradburn, Hawaii
Wow! When I find the perfect woman in my life I shall bring her here and spoil her. In the meantime, an incredibly cleansing experience after an excessive weekend in Bangkok. Fantastic experience. Great moments in life.
Andy, Brighton, U.K.
Looking at the things people have written about 'heaven' and how fantastic this place is - I've got to say, I TOTALLY AGREE! I've never experienced ANYTHING like this! Coming back for more!! One day...
Divine decadence is absolutely pure relaxation. Kept slipping in and out of sleep. Will definitely be back. Thank you ladies.
Bernie, U.K.
More, more, and more please.Steam, massage and atmosphere yet to be beaten anywhere.
Gill, U.K.
Guest's poem. Click to view full size image. Shelley - you created here a utopia for heart and soul, body and spirit. Pure sublimity.
Maria Belknap, Los Angeles
Thumbs up! Highly recommendable.
Thank you!!!! That was absolutely wonderful. 2 hours just isn't enough.
Tina and Birgit
This is what you work for - shame you don't get this in the U.K.
This is not Koh Samui. I have been transported to heaven. Thank you
Alison and Ian UK
Heads, shoulders, knees and toes. They all say thank you.
Attila & A.Leer, Kuala Lumpur
My favourite place in the world
Jonathan London
Thank you very much for all the pleasure of all the service
Jaqueline & Bernie, Koh Samui
This was seven heaven, The best massage on this planet. It was just awesome.
Vivek and Shah, Mumbai, India
I'm really impressed by the way you have set this place up. It's one of the most heavenly places I have been to. So nicely blended into the natural environment and wonderfully healing. Have much success & thank you.
Satya, Australia
We were dreaming the whole time.....definitely deserves a must visit for everyone!
G and B, Switzerland
This is truly an awesome place. Your staff was super! I'll send more people here. Thailand - Koh Samui isn't complete w/o Tamarind Retreat. We love it!
Uijen, Yuki and Yoko
Thanks for making my birthday-so special,the massage was divine. I feel like I entered perfect place. Thanks for the cake and flower. I will treasure the memory. Love
Nina Kaler, United Kingdom
I know things about fun! It was amazing. Thank you
From Russia with love Igor
This is Thailand at its best - truly unbelievable, out-of-this-world massage from head to toe. This should be what life's all about, absolute peace around you while you slowly retreat DEEP within in peace. Definitely life's biggest pleasure! Thank you so very muchJ.
Sei-Yin Rodriguez, Singapore
A magical relaxing experience one we would hope to repeat on the future.Thank you all for a beautiful day. Kop Kun Kharp
Stephen and Alessandra
This is a must if you're on Koh Samui. A five-star plus program for body and soul.
Karin and Dimitri from Sweden
This place is amazing! I work for a spa in Canada and it hardly compares to the beauty and tranquility of Tamarind Springs! Fantastic
Hayley Hewitt, Vancouver,BC
Thank you for the every professional and comforting treatment we had today. Massage will never be the same any where in the world. We will absolutely be back at "Tamarind Springs" next time we are here at Koh Samui.
Birgitte and Jan, Denmark   
From all places, this is the most hallucinating scenery I've seen. All the people are honestly smiling, the treatments really work even in the long run. It is all what you'd hope it to be!! I'm a great fan.